Working with an artist

Class 1, 3 and 4 have worked together, alongside a textile artist called Jacqui, to produce some beautiful silk paintings taken from the childrens' drawings of school, Todmorden and what is important to them! They are stunning and can be seen thoughout the school with a large collective worship wall hanging in the hall.

Whole School Displays

Autumn 1  - Each class produced some wonderful self-portraits for the corridors in the style of a famous artist. 



Autumn 2 - Each class created a Christmas display based on the theme of 'Stars'.

Spring -  Since September, the children have really enjoyed creating work in English based on a key text. All classes worked really hard to produce some fabulous work including; writing, drama, poetry and art work through a range of exciting books.



Summer 1 - Come and have a look at our wonderful 'Todmorden' displays that are currently up around school.


Topic Themed Dance

All classes loved having a special visitor in school and had a fantastic time learning dance linked to topics that they have been learning in class. The themes of their dances ranged from: Animal/Jungle, Toys, Africa, Tudors, Egypt, Carnival and WW2. 



Class 5's 'Play in a Day'

Class 5 had a fantastic day creating a play in a day, lead by Konflux Theatre, all about online safety. They delivered an extremely important message about how we can keep ourselves safe online. They worked extremely hard to put it together in just one day, and the rest of the school enjoyed their entertaining performance. 

Class 6's Music Morning

Class 6 had a fantastic morning exploring music from across Europe. They sang echo songs, learnt about timings and the different levels in music whilst practising the alphabet, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Bobby Shaftoe.

They also learnt about the string family of instruments which the trio played – the violin, viola and cello whilst exploring music by Mozart, Sibelius and Parry.

The finale was singing along to In the Hall of the Mountain King by Grieg.


Our school choir have been very busy this term, performing at three separate community events: St Mary’s Christmas fayre, Advent Praise Service and the Dementia Friendly Christmas sing-a-long event. Performing a mix of traditional Christmas carols, hymns and modern pop songs.

Brass Works and Ukulele Concert 

The Brass Works club and Ukulele band have been working very hard this term, learning new songs on their instruments. They put on a fantastic performance for the whole school.