Our Ofsted Reports

OFSTED inspected the Nursery setting April 2015 and this what they said...

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Our strengths are:

- Teaching to the individual needs of the children

- Partnerships with parents and external agencies

- Children's emotional well-being confidence and self-esteem are fully promoted with secure relationships

Our latest OFSTED inspection was September 2011 and this is what they said...

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' You are making good progress because of the good teaching you receive. We saw how much you enjoy school because of the interesting things you do. The staff take excellent care of you. They work exceptionally well with your parents, carers and visitors to school, ensuring that you are safe and happy. Your behaviour is excellent and this is helping you to get the most out of your lessons. We were also impressed by your excellent spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. For example, you spoke with us confidently and the youngest children knew without help what they should do in assembly.'

Our strengths are:

- Engagement with parents

- Partnerships in promoting learning and well-being

- Pupils moral, spiritual, social and cultural development

- Pupils behaviour

As a church school we are also inspected by The National Society Inspection of Anglican School. Our last inspection was in September 2011 and this is what they said...

'This is a school with an unashamedly Christian ethos. It is a safe and happy school where all are loved and known. The links between school and church are so entwined that they are described as a ‘Golden Thread’.

Our strengths are:

- There is a real sense in this school of ‘belonging to the church’.
• The openness of the school to parents and carers.
• The children’s knowledge of church practice such as the Eucharist and the Lord’s Prayer.

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