Welcome to Class 5, where we are enthusiastic about learning! 

Teacher: Miss Thorpe

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Hunter and Mr Tennyson


Summer 1

Shape properties - Quadrilaterals and Triangles

Angles - finding missing angles and measuring angles

Place Value

All four operations



There's a boy in the girl's bathroom - Louis Sachar


History - Tudors


Seasonal Change


Gospel - What would Jesus do?



Tudor sketching/Tudor Purses

Tudor cooking




Tuesday and Thursday Afternoons

Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school on these days


Times Tables Rockstars

In Year 5, children should already be able to recall their times tables up to 12 x 12. To help them to be able to recall them instantly and in any order, we are now using Times Tables Rockstars in school.This is a safe, online way for children to learn their times tables and the more they play, the more virtual coins they earn to buy things for their rock star character! Children can access the website from home and logins are stuck into their homework diaries. 


Bug Club

Bug Club is a fantastic website where each child has been allocated a variety of online books and maths activities, relevant to their stage of learning, which they can enjoy at home.

Visit https://www.activelearnprimary.co.uk/login?c=0 and type in your school username and password. The school code, if needed, should be in their homework diaries.


Hardcastle Crags

We had a fantastic morning looking for bugs at Hardcastle Crags. As part of our Science topic, we have been exploring living things and their habitats. They enjoyed a trip to the woods where they found a variety of different creatures!


Class 5's Lent Collection

Lent is a time where we think about giving something up or giving to others. As a class, we decided that we wanted to raise money for Noah's Ark Charity, which supports children and adults going through difficult times, by setting up a 'Guess how many sweets are in the jar?' stall at school. Parents, children and staff were incredibly generous with their donations and we raised a fantastic £141.05. 



In Class 5, the Maths and English homework will include revision of some key areas of the curriculum to reinforce topics that we are covering in class. Research Homework provides the opportunity for pupils to choose what type of work they want (an information poster, powerpoint, baking, a piece of art, poetry etc) linked to a title. The aim for this homework is that children do independent research to produce a well-presented piece of homework. We have a display in class for wonderful investigations!


As well as this, Class 5 have spellings taken from the statutory spelling lists for key stage two. These are given on a Monday and tested on a Friday. Reading at home is just as important in key stage two as in the early years in school. Children are expected to read at home twice a week. A balance of reading aloud and reading independently but then discussing what they have read with an adult, is fantastic. Each time a child reads at home, they will receive a sticker on their bookmark. A total of 25 stickers = a dip into the very exciting prize box!  








Kirkstall Abbey - Tudor Trip

We had a fantastic day at Kirkstall Abbey, exploring what it was like to be a monk and live in medieval Kirkstall. We began with a talking timeline covering 850 years with some of the children taking on the roles of important people in Kirkstall's history. We then investigated a range of artefacts, monks clothing, special sign language, food and cooking. It was great to gain an insight as to why people became monks and how dramatically life has changed since the Tudor times.







As part of our topic this term, we have been learning about rivers. We had a great afternoon collecting data at our local river - River Calder. We created some fantastic sketches and measured the width, depth and speed of the river. We also enjoyed writing the journey of a fish from source to mouth using new terminology that we have learned. We were very surprised at how far the water from River Calder travels...all the way to River Humber near Hull! 

Safety Week

We have learnt lots about how we can keep ourselves safe. We loved our visit to Todmorden Fire Station, where we learnt about fire safety in the home. We particularly enjoyed playing with the hoses! At school, we had lots of sensible discussions about internet safety and we were very surprised at how quickly news can travel! We also spoke about cyber-bullying and how we can keep 'cyber safe'. We also learnt about 'Stranger Danger' and discussed what safe strangers and safe buildings are. We had a lesson of drama, where each group acted out different scenarios and we suggested advice.