Our School Uniform


Our uniform consists of;

 Grey or black tailored trousers, shorts, skirt or pinafore

A Red and white checked dress in Summer


A White or burgundy polo T-Shirt


A cardigan or jumper with the school logo

A school fleece in Winter


Matching socks or tights

Sensible shoes

Only one pair of stud earrings can be worn but no other jewellery should be worn.


As modelled by the smart children below:



Our PE Kit

For PE children wear the colour of T-Shirt which represents their house team.

(Calder =  red, Pennine =  green, Stoodley = blue )

With their house T-Shirt children also wear black shorts, black pumps at KS1 and pumps or trainers at KS2.

Uniform is available from the Office throughout the year.

Sweatshirts       £8.00

Cardigans         £8.00

Polo shirts         £5.00

  Fleece               £12.50

P.E. tops            £2.00

P.E. shorts         £2.00

  Reading bags    £3.00