Class 6 are learning to be independent learners.

Teachers: Mrs Lee and Mrs Welsh

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Schroeder and Mrs Allen

Autumn 1 

Dividing by 10,100 and 1000 

Multiplying 2 digit numbers with decimals

Fractions to decimals

Simplifying, comparing, ordering, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions



Books: The London Eye Mystery

Cosmic Disco Poems

The Christmas Carol


 Crime and Punishment

Science Electricity - Circuits

Tuesday and Wednesday

Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school on these days 


 Structures - Planning, designing and evaluating shelters

Music Trumpets every Thursday

How can following God bring freedom and rejoice?



Class 6 have had a fantastic time at PGL and their behaviour was excellent! This isn’t just a school trip but aims to inspire, motivate and challenge the children to try new things, build up their confidence and grow in independence. Whilst there, each day brings new challenges and adventures and the chance to try something new with the encouragement of their friends.

The PGL centre leader said, “Our Class 6 are really great. They are so polite and have  joined in so enthusiastically!”

Mr Ingham said, “All children have had a go at everything and have behaved extremely well. Again it was a pleasure to be with the children for this great experience!”


In Year Six, we are beginning to focus on the exciting, if sometimes daunting, transition to secondary school. The Maths and English homework will include revision of some key areas of the curriculum to reinforce some technical terms and other topics that we are covering in class. Research Homework provides the opportunity for pupils to choose what type of work they want to produce linked to a title. The focus for this work is on independent research and presenting work to a good standard.

In addition, class six have six spellings taken from the statutory spelling lists for key stage two. These are given on a Monday and tested on a Friday. Reading at home is just as important in key stage two as in the early years in school. Children are expected to read at home twice a week. A balance of reading aloud and reading independently but then discussing what they have read with an adult, is great for year six.




100 books to read before you leave year six

We have a reading challenge in year six with the choice of 100 books by different authors. Pupils can choose their own books from the selection and then move their book token up the list.

It has been great to hear pupils who, at the start of the year said “I don’t read;it’s boring!” recommending books to their friends and peers.



Times Tables Rockstars

 In Year 6, children should already be able to recall their times tables up to 12 x 12. To help them to be able to recall them instantly and in any order, we are now using Times Tables Rockstars in school.This is a safe, online way for children to learn their times tables and the more they play, the more virtual coins they earn to buy things for their rock star character! Children can access the website from home and logins are stuck into their reading records.