Teacher: Miss Jewell

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Mills, Miss Schofield and Miss Lees


Welcome to Reception, where we learn through play! 


Spring 1


-Counting up to 10 objects from a larger group

-Select the correct numeral to represent 1 - 10 objects

-Counts an arrangement of up to 10 objects


Length, weight and capacity

-Order and compare 2 or 3 items by length or height

-Order and compare 2 items by weight

-Order and compare 2 items by capacity



What the Ladybird Heard

Stanley's Stick

On Sudden Hill

Bog Baby

Yucky Worms 


t, n, p, g, o, e, l, h, sh, r, j 

Tricky words - my, a, and, so, do, to, no, put, sad, go, like, be, of, by, he, she, are



Monday and Wednesday

Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school on these days


Why do Christians put a cross in an Easter Garden?

-New life

-The story of Palm Sunday

-Hot Cross Buns

-Easter Saturday

-Easter Sunday




On Tuesday 19th March, we had 5 duckling eggs delivered to our classroom in an incubator. On Wednesday, we started to see cracks in all five of the eggs. By Thursday morning when we came in, four of the ducklings had been born! Two of them were ready to move across to the cage at morning playtime. Just before lunch, we were lucky enough to watch the fifth and final duck hatch! It was amazing. After school, Miss Jewell moved the final three ducklings across to the cage. On Friday, we all sat in a big circle and put them ducklings in the middle. We had little stroke and laughed at them running around!

Here are some photos of what we have been up to this term.


Our PE days are a Monday and a Wednesday. School will provide children’s first PE kit, but pumps will need to be brought in from home please. Our PE shirts match the colour of our house teams.

Teeth Brushing

Every afternoon after we have had our milk, we brush our teeth. We use this song to help us keep track of how long to brushy for. We also listen to the words and follow the instructions to make sure we do a good job! You could use it at home too!


Reading Books

Red reading records and reading books will be sent home each day and need to be brought into school every morning. Children will start by reading non-worded books, with a focus on looking at the pictures and telling the story in their own words. When the children are ready, they will move onto worded books. Reading books will be changed for a new one when the book has been read twice through. Each time you read with your child at home, please fill in the red reading record so that we can see they have read. When they have read at home ten times, they will get a prize from the treat box!


On a Friday, your child will bring home a set of words, taken from the Phonics scheme Letters and Sounds. There are 6 sets in total and at first the children will need to read the words before moving onto spelling them later in the year. The words will be stuck into the child’s spelling book and a set of flashcards for practising reading the words at home will also be provided. On a Friday, the children will be tested on their ability to read the words and they will then bring home a new set for the following week.