In Bunnies we have been celebrating Diwali through a range of activities. We got the home corner ready and had a special tea party with lots of pretend candles and props familiar to the celebration of Diwali. We tasted foods from India, such as samosas and onion bhajis at snack time too.

The children have been very excited in our new den with all the different coloured lights and torches to celebrate the ‘festival of lights’. We looked at our fibrotic lights and blew them to make them move and sparkle. We also had brightly coloured water beads, which the children have really enjoyed exploring and feeling, even though they kept bouncing out of the tray and all over the floor!

We have been looking at the story of The Gruffalo in Bunnies this week. We went on a walk through the woods on a Gruffalo hunt. We squelched through the mud and had lots of fun looking for the big bad mouse, owl, fox, snake and the Gruffalo.