Elmer Week

This week we have learnt all about Elmer. We have enjoyed, making Elmer models, playing with Elmer in the small world and dressing up as jungle animals. 

We have thought a lot about what makes us different and special, and talked about why it is ok to be different

Maths Work

We have been learning about different numbers in maths.

We have been counting, hunting, forming and finding. 

Vegetable Welly Walk

We visited some of the Incredible Edible sites around Todmorden to see what was planted. We enjoyed trying to identify the vegetables from their leaves and had great fun smelling lots of different herbs. 

Oliver's Vegetables

We have been reading the story of Oliver's Vegetables. 

We talked about the vegetables we like and dislike, and thought about how vegetables grow.

We had lots of fun making vegetable men using cocktail sticks, and mixed up some vegetable soup in the water tray. We have explored a farm small world and used lentils for sensory play.

Elephant Masks

We made Elephant masks! We cut out, assembled and painted out masks before pretending to be elephants

Handa's Surprise Fruit Baskets

We looked carefully at different fruits, thinking about their shape, size colour etc. We painted the fruits and a basket, before cutting them out and sticking them together. 

Elmer Biscuits

We helped to mix the biscuit mix, then shaped our mix into an elephant shape. We used some sprinkles to make our biscuits colourful like Elmer! Yummy!

The Colour Monster

We have been looking at the story of The Colour Monster and learning all about different emotions. 

We made our own emotion monsters, emotion jars and did some monster threading.

We had great playing with the monster puppets and using the monster small world. 

We used our emotion sensory bottles to help us do some mark making and writing about emotions. 

Hope Rainbows.

We made rainbows and talked about how they are a symbol of hope. We thought about when we see rainbows and why they are special.