As an active school we have been talking about ways we can stay healthy. We have spoken about healthy foods and exercise and incorporated this into our school day. For example, in maths we were learning about counting and understanding that the last number which is counted when counting a set of objects is a direct representation of the total in that group. Instead of counting objects we counted star jumps and thought of different number we could jump to. We also have been looking at artists that use fruit and vegetables in their artwork such as Guiseppe Arcimboldo. We recreated his work making fruit faces and then reinvented it using the same fruit as tools to make a painted face.

Tu B Shevat 

As part of our Happy Healthy Me topic we created a Tu B Shevat fruit tree. This not only linked with our learning to healthy eating, it linked to our learning about different religions and special times and it was also very yummy! 

School Christian Values
Our value this term is hope. As a class we spoke about hope and what we hope to be when we grow up. We discussed how we hope to be good, kind and happy people but also different occupations. Here we dressed up to show what we want to be when we grow up.

Welly Walks 

This half term on our welly walks we have been looking for signs of autumn. We have spoken about weather, temperature and the changes in the trees as well as what we can see that highlights autumn.