We have been learning all about hedgehogs in Owls. We have read two lovely books written by Rosie Wellesley about Isaac the Hedgehog and have talked a lot about the characters and events in the stories and learnt lots of new vocabulary which we have been using in our play such as hibernate and nocturnal. We have used clay to make our own hedgehogs, practiced our counting and number recognition as well as developing our fine motor skills by pegging the correct amount of pegs on the hedgehogs. We have used pasta and matchsticks in the play dough to make prickly hedgehogs and baked some delicious chocolate hedgehog buns. 

This week in Owls we have been the reading 'Pumpkin Soup' by Helen Cooper. The children have been very excited about the pumpkins arriving in the supermarket so we have been having fun with all sorts of pumpkin activities. We have been making our own pumpkin soup in the water tray, pouring, filling and serving soup and tea to our friends. We have been using the shapes to decorate playdough pumpkins - the playdough has had a pumpkin spice scent to it this week which has added a nice sensory experience. We have been very impressed with the children's concentration when using the hammers to hammer the pegs into the pumpkins! We have been making pumpkin number lines and counting pumpkin seeds at the Maths table. Finally we have made our own delicious pumpkin soup just like the characters in the story. We sliced the pumpkin and onion and used a soup maker to cook our vegetables. We enjoyed eating it and all decided it was the best pumpkin soup we've ever tasted!