We had a visit from PC Mayhew today. He told us all about the job that he does - helping people, catching criminals and keeping us safe. He told us all about his uniform and showed us the different equipment that he carries around with him. We looked at his baton, his radio, and even tried on his hat and the handcuffs! We listened very well and asked some very good questions. 

We have had a fantastic time visiting the fire fighters at Todmorden Fire Station. After learning all about how fire fighters help us it was great to meet some real life fire fighters. They showed us their special fire proof jackets and trousers and the special mask they wear so they can breath when they go into burning building. We had a look through their special camera which shows them where warm things such as fires and people are. They showed us the equipment on the fire engine and we were lucky enough to have a try with the hose pipe - the water was very powerful. We sang our 'Five Little Fire Fighters' song to them which they absolutely loved!

We had such a lovely day at Ramsden Wood Farm. The weather was perfect! We saw the sheep and their lambs - some of us were even lucky enough to watch a lamb being born! Some sheep were in the Maternity Pen looking very fat and fed up, waiting for their lambs to be born. We explored the farm whilst being 'Nature Detectives.' We found lots of wildlife including spiders, orange tip butterflies, tadpoles, bees and May flowers. 

We had a little visitor in Owls! Baby Louis came and we discussed how we grow and change. We asked Louis' Mummy some questions about what Louis can and can't yet do. We talked about all the things we can do now that Louis still has to learn how to do such as walking, talking, feeding ourselves and using the toilet. We gave him a bath, changed his nappy and played with him. He was such a good boy and we loved having him for the afternoon! 

We have been reading Jack and the Beanstalk this week in Owls. We have enjoyed retelling the story with the castle, beanstalk and characters from the story. We have explored colours and colour mixing while trying to make different shades of green to paint our beanstalks. We have built some amazing castles in the construction area and learnt all about the lifecycle of a bean while we planted our own beans. We are going to look after them carefully and watch them grow into tall beanstalks like Jack's.

Monday 14th February

We have been feeling the love today in Owls by talking about who we love and how we can show love towards others. We have made Valentine's cards and love heart pasta necklaces - which really tested our hand-eye co-ordination - for the ones we love as well as using the love heart cutters in the playdough.

We have been learning all about hedgehogs in Owls. We have read two lovely books written by Rosie Wellesley about Isaac the Hedgehog and have talked a lot about the characters and events in the stories and learnt lots of new vocabulary which we have been using in our play such as hibernate and nocturnal. We have used clay to make our own hedgehogs, practiced our counting and number recognition as well as developing our fine motor skills by pegging the correct amount of pegs on the hedgehogs. We have used pasta and matchsticks in the play dough to make prickly hedgehogs and baked some delicious chocolate hedgehog buns. 

We have been having lots of fun this week learning about Diwali, the festival of lights. We have listened to the story of Rama and Sita and made our own salt dough diva lamps to take home and put in our windows. In the playdough area we have been making divas and used beads to decorate them. We have been looking at beautiful mendhi patterns and had a good try at designing our own. In the maths area we have been counting diva lamps and working on our fine motor skills and number recognition by clipping pegs on to the correct numeral. We have enjoyed lots of stories and information texts about the celebration of Diwali as well as singing songs and dancing to Indian music.

We have had a very busy but lovely start to the term. The first traditional tale we have been reading is The Gingerbread Man. We have been completing lots of activities linked to our story. We have been making boats for the Gingerbread Man so that he can cross the river safely, thinking about which materials will make the best boat to keep him dry. We have been using gingerbread man cutters in the playdough and counting buttons. We have been building bridges outside for the Gingerbread Man to cross to river and retelling the story with our small world. Towards the end of the week we baked our own delicious gingerbread men and none of them had the chance to run away!

We had a very exciting visit from Ann who volunteers with the Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team. She told us all about her role, helping people who are lost or injured on the hills around Calderdale. She gave us a very important task to do! She needed our help to find her lost ted. We had to use all our searching skills to find him. Luckily we did and we put a bandage on his injured leg. We said a very big thank you to Ann for the amazing work she does with her team to keep us safe.

This week in Owls we have been the reading 'Pumpkin Soup' by Helen Cooper. The children have been very excited about the pumpkins arriving in the supermarket so we have been having fun with all sorts of pumpkin activities. We have been making our own pumpkin soup in the water tray, pouring, filling and serving soup and tea to our friends. We have been using the shapes to decorate playdough pumpkins - the playdough has had a pumpkin spice scent to it this week which has added a nice sensory experience. We have been very impressed with the children's concentration when using the hammers to hammer the pegs into the pumpkins! We have been making pumpkin number lines and counting pumpkin seeds at the Maths table. Finally we have made our own delicious pumpkin soup just like the characters in the story. We sliced the pumpkin and onion and used a soup maker to cook our vegetables. We enjoyed eating it and all decided it was the best pumpkin soup we've ever tasted!

We have had such a fun filled day, raising money for Children In Need. We boogied, jumped and wiggled during our sponsored 'Pudsey Disco,' made Pudsey Bear necklaces by threading pasta on to the wool and practised our counting and number recognition with pom poms and Pudseys on the Maths table. 

This week we have been celebrating Chinese New Year. We have had lots of fun learning about this celebration. We have read non fiction books and learnt about the traditions and how families celebrate. We have learnt about the great race across the river and how each new year is named after a different animal. We have tried hard to use the chopsticks to pick up the noodles - it was very tricky! We have been counting coins into lucky red envelopes and practised our cutting skills when making some Chinese lanterns. We enjoyed dancing like different animals in PE and watching video clips of dragon parades and celebrations.