We have had a lovely time in Owls learning about hedgehogs over the last fortnight. We have read 'The Very Helpful Hedgehog' and 'Wide Awake Hedgehog' by Rosie Wellesley. The children have really enjoyed these stories about Isaac the hedgehog and have really impressed us with the way they have talked about the characters and recalled the main events. The children have loved learning about hibernation and we talked a lot about the seasons and why animals hibernate for the winter. We have made hedgehogs with clay and playdough, using matchsticks and spaghetti for spines. We have been learning to recognise numbers and have been practising our counting by clipping pegs on to the hedgehog to match the number. We are amazed by how many facts the children have learnt about hedgehogs and they are using some great vocabulary such as 'hibernate,' 'nocturnal' and 'hoglet.' One of our favourite activities this week has been making chocolate hedgehog nests - they were really delicious and we enjoyed them at snack time


This week in Owls we have been learning about Autumn and Harvest time. We have painted Autumn trees using Autumn colours, we have played with the small world farm. We have been role playing in the green grocer shop and have been learning to recognise our names on the carrots buried in the rice. We have made some tasty vegetable soup and counted leaves and conkers.

The Colour Monster

Owls have been busy colour mixing with shaving foam and powder paints, playing with colour monster peg dolls, drawing colour monsters using the smart board, looking at colours on the light box and making playdough colour monsters.