Our Curriculum

Our children are at the heart of our curriculum. We believe that every child should have the opportunity to build their self-esteem and self-confidence whilst learning. We encourage our children to have high aspirations, strive for the best and give everything a try.

Our main aim is to provide exciting, stimulating topics, based on history and geography programmes of study, which the children become fully absorbed in. We strive to encompass as many curriculum subjects into each topic, making them relevant and meaningful for our children. Our investigative approach helps children take learning in their own direction and doesn’t set a limit on how or what each child learns.

We display our children’s work throughout the school and in classrooms so that our children have a sense of pride about their work and their school.

As part of our cross curricular approach we try to give our children as many life experiences as possible, we aim to do this by getting out into the community regularly and have many trips.

To meet the needs of our children we have developed our curriculum further so that:

  • Learning is as far as possible based on quality experiences, visits and visitors.
  • The arts are valued and celebrated.
  • Children learn a new language in French lessons which are taught every week in Key stage 2.
  • We have a full timetable for free after school clubs offering extensions to our curriculum in sport, technology, spiritual development, computing and the arts.
  • All children from Year 1 to 6 are given the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument.
  • All children have access to an online reading club at home.
  • All children can take home a library book every week to engage them in reading.
  • Children regularly take part in charity events to foster British values.
  • All children plan and lead their own collective worship each half term.
  • The children have a voice in the school through taking on roles in our Student Council, our Collective Worship Committee, becoming a house captain and through the Headteacher Tea Parties.
  • We have a well thought out transition plan which includes lessons planned and delivered by Todmorden High School. 


Subject Information for Parents


At our school all children have daily phonics lesson in the Infants. We use a combination of Letter and Sounds and Ruth Miskin resources to help us teach phonics. We have our own teaching programme which works for our children. Below is the order in which we teach phonics throughout Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 and this will help you know:

  • What skills your child will learn in each phonic phase.
  • The phonemes that will be taught for each phase (phonemes means sounds).
  • Some key words which go which each phoneme.

If you have any questions about phonics please speak to your child's teacher.

Phonics Scheme

Parental Information about early reading and phonics

Parental Information about the phonics screening check


English and Maths

We follow the National Curriculum Framework for English and Maths.Teachers take the framework and plan their own yearly overviews, medium term plans and lesson plans from these objectives.

Maths Curriculum

English Curriculum

 Maths Calculation Policy


Our new scheme follows a cursive script. The key features are:-

  • Each letter starts on the line
  • The child keeps their pencil on the paper for the whole word, giving a fluent style
  • Pupils should develop ability to produce letters without thinking
  • By making each letter in one movement, children’s hands develop a ‘physical memory’ of it, making it easier to produce the correct shape
  • We have a consistent style from Nursery to Year Six.

Handwriting information for families



At Todmorden CE School, we understand that being able to read well is a key skill for all children. As well as teaching word-reading and comprehension, we support and encourage children to develop a life-long love of reading and books. Children are taught to apply their skills to read for meaning in a wide range of genres and across the curriculum.

Home Readers

We use the Oxford Reading Tree reading scheme. Staff aim to read with each child, each week. Whilst children have many opportunities to read at school, individually, in groups and as a class, there are lots of ways that you can support your child’s reading at home. Anytime you can spend sharing your child’s reading book will provide valuable support to their learning.

We would encourage you to hear your child read as often as possible. ‘Little and often’ is best. Reading does not always have to be from your child’s reading book - books from home, newspapers, menus, instructions, internet research and comics are all reading too. Use your child’s reading diary to make positive comments and communicate any concerns. Most importantly, enjoy reading together and give loads of encouragement because it really works. Remember too much pressure could put your child off.


History and Geography Topics

Below is our current Topic Title and Programme of Study Overview. Have a look and see what your child is learning this half term.

We currently have a Curriculum party consisting of Mrs R Lee, Mrs A Welsh, Miss E Jewell and Miss E Hargreaves, who are developing our Foundation Subjects Curriculum, ready for September 2019.


Art Overview

Science Overview

DT Overview

PHSCE Overview

Online Learning

Ask your teacher if you need any codes/passwords to access! 


Bug Club 


Timestable Rockstars





Phonics Games & Apps

Teach Your Monster To Read


Phonics Play


Phonics Genius

Mr Thorne does Phonics


If you would like more information about our curriculum or a certain subject please contact the school office (01706 812019).