Firework Art 

In class, we have been learning about Bonfire and Firework safety. The West Yorkshire Fire Service sent us an important PowerPoint which we listened carefully to, to help us understand the Bonfire and Firework codes. As well as making Bonfire and Firework safety posters in class, we enjoyed using water colours and salt to produce some beautiful firework art, which we have displayed in our classroom.

Portraits inspired by Romero Britto
We have been finding out about Brazilian artist, Romero Britto. After evaluating lots of different examples of his work, we have produced some wonderful portraits using his style. Can you guess who some of these children are?
Friday 13th November 2020
In Science, we are learning about Earth and Space. We went to the park to model the solar system and the distances between each planet, using toilet roll. One sheet of toilet roll was equivalent to 16 million km. This helped us to understand how far each planet is from the sun and the distance between each planet. It is hard to believe that Neptune is 4.5 billion km from the sun, and the edge of the solar system is even further than this! Wow!

Lamplighter Trail 

Unfortunately, the Lamplighter Parade is not going ahead this year due to Covid. The people from the Handmade Parade have organised a project involving school and local residents. The juniors have made silhouette pictures of woodland scenes, which will be displayed in the windows of the Age Concern shop and the Tourist Information Centre.  

Halloween Day 2020 
What a fun day we had in our AMAZING Halloween costumes! We learnt about Halloween's origins and its religious meaning, as well as lots of fun art and craft activities. We finished our day with a Halloween quiz and some of us tried Parkin for the first time