Maths – Place Value

We are well into our Place Value unit of work and have been exploring numbers up to 1,000,000. Here are some photos of us moving around the classroom to represent numbers in different ways, and an investigation where we had to use the clues and digit cards to make the numbers being described.

The Explorer – A class debate

In English, we are reading ‘The Explorers’, where four children find themselves stranded in the Amazon Rainforest. We enjoyed having a debate about whether building a raft to escape is a good idea or not. We did a great job at listening to each other’s views and challenging them courteously.

The Explorer- Non-Chronological Reports

We enjoyed becoming experts on a chosen Amazon Rainforest Insect and producing an informative, double-page non-chronological report. Look at how amazing they turned out!

Blackout Poems

We created some wonderful Blackout Poems using extracts from the book. We ‘blacked out’ words to make other words stand out. We loved illustrating them.

Here is a collection of our amazing work!

Art- Harvest Artwork

We have been preparing for our Harvest Service and have produced some beautiful artwork of green fruits and vegetables that we are thankful for, using a range of mediums.

PSHE – Healthy Lifestyles

We have been learning about the different emotions for our ‘Daily Check in’ in our Calm Corner. We enjoyed playing a game of Emotions Charades, where we had to guess the action and emotion being acted out. This term, we are thinking about ‘Healthy Lifestyles’ and have made our own ‘Staying Healthy’ checklists, where we have written 10 healthy habits we are going to try and build, to keep our minds and bodies healthy.

Investigation Homework – The Amazon Rainforest

We have been blown away by the time and effort many children have put into their Investigation Homework, which we have displayed in our classroom. Keep it up Class 5!

 PSHE – Bonfire Night

Ahead of Bonfire Night and Firework Season, we were reminded of some important rules to keep ourselves and others safe. The West Yorkshire Fire Service provided us with some videos and information on the Bonfire and Firework Codes. We used our ICT lesson to produce some safety posters on the Chromebooks.