Science Sorting

We have been creating sorting keys and and sorting objects for properties of materials in science. This was lots of fun working together and using the keys to sort. 

Maths- Representing Numerals and Objects

In Maths we have been representing objects on a 10s frame using counters. We then found the matching numeral to the amount.

Maths- Greater than, Less than and Equal to

In Maths we have been exploring greater than, less than and equal to using the greater than and less than signs.

Andy Goldsworthy- Land Art using Natural Materials. 

Continuing our learning of Andy Goldsworthy we went on walk to find natural materials. We found leaves, conkers, twigs etc. We used these to make land art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. 

Design and technology- Making a Fruit Kebab or Salad

Our DT project has been to plan, design and create a fruit kebab or salad. We really enjoyed trying and testing different fruits and then making our fruit kebab or salad.

Maths- Number Words

We have been using the Interactive Whiteboard to practise recognising number words. We had to read the word and press on the matching number. 

Maths- Sorting 

We have been working together to sort objects by colour, size or type. We liked working together to sort objects into groups. 

Science- Materials

In Science we have been working in groups to sort objects into their materials. We not only needed to use our sorting skills, but team work and our knowledge of materials. 

Andy Goldsworthy- Sketching Natural Objects

We have been learning about Andy Goldsworthy and his art work. Andy Goldsworthy uses a lot of natural materials. We have been practising drawing through sketching natural materials.

Andy Goldsworthy- Skills Practice for Sculpture

Continuing our learning on Andy Goldsworthy we have been planning, preparing and practising the skills we need to make a mini clay model/sculpture. We used play  dough to practice these key skills.

Andy Goldsworthy- Clay Mini Models

The final part of our Andy Goldsworthy art was to put our skills to the test and make the clay mini models that we had planned and practised. This was lots of fun!