We had a lovely day celebrating Halloween! We started off in the morning by doing some work about the origins of Halloween. We found out why people wear costumes, how trick or treating started and why people carve pumpkins. We had lots of fun playing “pin the nose on the witch” and other party games! Here we are in our costumes, pulling our spookiest faces!

Science – Electricity

We have been learning about electricity in Science. The objective for this lesson was to be able to work out what materials are conductors and insulators of electricity. We made a prediction at the start of the lesson and tested out lots of different materials to see if we were right. We found out that metals are really good conductors of electricity.

Zooming the Vicar!

Our current topic in RE is the Gospel texts and our enquiry question is “What kind of world would Jesus want?” In relation to this, we had a Zoom session with Reverend John to find out more about what his job entails and what kind of world he thinks Jesus would want. It was so nice to welcome Reverend John back into school (albeit virtually) and to see a familiar face! We all learnt lots more about the church and about the wonderful job Reverend John does.

Virtual School Trip!

We went on a virtual school trip to Chester Zoo! It was really amazing to see all the different animals and we learnt loads of information about African animals. We saw meerkats, jaguars, giraffes and lots more! It really helped us with our English work as we have been having a debate about whether zoos should be banned. We were all really grown up and didn’t argue in in our debate, making some really thoughtful points, so Miss Hargreaves gave the whole class the Mindset Master award.

Lamplighter trail

Unfortunately, this year, the Lamplighter Parade cannot go ahead due to Covid. However, there will be a Lamplighter Trail around Todmorden that people will be able to follow. The people from The Handmade Parade have organised an art project involving school and local residents. The juniors have made silhouette pictures of woodland scenes, which will be displayed in the windows of the Age Concern shop and the Tourist Information Centre.

The Hunter

In class we have been reading “The Hunter” by Paul Geraghty. It links with our topic “Spots and Stripes” about African Safari. We have been doing lots of work about the Big 5, and finding out more about why people hunt animals. We are tackling some difficult questions around the ethics of hunting and zoos and will even be staging some debates!