Welcome to Class Four! Come and have a look at what we have been doing...

 Teacher: Miss Hargreaves

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Dennett and Mr Tennyson

What are we doing this term?
Maths       Fractions and Decimals

 The Iron Man by Ted Hughes


 Anglo Saxons





Swimming - Wednesdays

PE - Thursdays

Please ensure your child has their kits in school on these days



 Anglo Saxons artefacts/jewellery 



Trumpets every Thursday

 Salvation - Why do Christians call the day Jesus died 'Good Friday?'


Information for Parents

In Year 4, we are focusing on perfecting the skills learnt in Year 3, and learning new skills in preparation for moving into upper Key Stage 2. English and Maths Homework will include topics learnt in class to extend and strengthen understanding. Roughly 30 minutes should be spent on each piece of Maths and English homework.

Investigation Homework is an opportunity for children to conduct their own research into a set topic. They can undertake and present however they wish. Some pupils choose to make powerpoints, write poetry, bake, make models or posters, to name a few examples. Children should spend approximately 2 hours on this homework, to ensure quality research and a high standard of presentation.

In addition, Class 4 have spellings to practise which are taken from the statutory spelling list for Key Stage 2. Spellings are set on Mondays and tested on Fridays. It is also expected that children read at home at least twice a week. It is helpful if children can read aloud and independently, and discuss their book with an adult, to check their understanding of the text. In Class 4, we have a reward system for reading. Each time a child reads at home, they get a sticker on their bookmark. When they reach 10 stickers, they can go in the prize box!


Litter Picking

We have been helping keep our community tidy by picking up litter off the streets. We did such a fantastic job that we have been asked to be 'Community Wardens'. We are looking forward to doing more work this year to help improve our community. 



More Community Warden work...

As part of our Junior Warden Scheme, we went to the Fire Station. We met some real fire fighters and saw all of their equipment. It was really interesting to see and hear how they keep all of us safe. We saw the fire engine and the uniforms that help the fire fighters. It made us think about how we can keep ourselves safe by using smoke alarms and what to do when we see a fire.

Times Tables Rockstars

Recalling 12 x 12 times tables is an important objective in Year 4. To help pupils with this, we are now using Times Tables Rockstars in school. This is a safe online way for children to learn their times tables. The more they play, the more virtual coins they earn to 'buy' things for their character, and they can make it onto the school leader board. Children can access the site at home, and logins are stuck in the front of their reading records. 


Multi-Skills Competition

Class 4 went to the Sports Centre to take part in the Multi-Skills competition. We had a go at lots of events, including dribbling a football, throwing and catching and the speed bounce. We all worked really hard to get lots of points and came second in the competition!


Ribchester Roman Museum

Class 4 had a great trip to Ribchester Roman Museum. We had a workshop where we were able to handle real life Roman artefacts like pottery and clothing, and we were also able to try on Roman armour and hold weapons that the Roman army would have used. It was really interesting to see how heavy the armour was. We also got the chance to see some of the ruins of the Roman fort that existed in Ribchester around 2000 years ago. We really impressed Miss Hargreaves and the museum staff with our knowledge of the Romans!