Understanding the World: Our children are given lots of opportunities to learn about the world through our topic themes.

  • Children are taught new skills, vocabulary and knowledge through topics about animals, transport, and people for example.
  • We observe and learn about different celebrations around the world and in our community such as Eid, Chinese New Year and Diwali.
  • We have strong links with St Mary’s Church and provide opportunities to learn about different faiths in the community.
  • We go on weekly ‘welly walks’ to give the children opportunities to observe changes in the seasons, animals and plants, learn about features of our town and road safety to name a few.
  • Children’s curiosity is encouraged and staff and planning is flexible so that children’s interests can be followed.
  • We take part in fund raising for charities throughout the year.
  • Technology is taught through use of IPads, cameras, interactive whiteboards and toys such as beebots and remote control/programmable toys.
  • We take part in a daily toothbrushing programme
  • We get Involved in whole school events such as circus day, farm day and culture week.