Meet our Team

Headteacher - Mrs A. Leadbitter

Deputy Head - Mrs A. Welsh



Class 6 - Mr I. Lewis

Class 5 - Miss L. Borthwick

Class 4 - Miss E. Suthers

Class 3 - Mr G. Halsall

Class 2 - Mrs G. Clarke / Mrs Welsh

Class 1 - Miss E. Jewell

Reception Class -  Miss M. Gill

Nursery - Mrs E. Jacques


Teaching Assistants

Class 6 -  Mrs L. Schroeder & Mr R. Tennyson 

Class 5 - Miss L. Edwards &  Mrs S. O'Callaghan

Class 4 - Mrs S. Harris & Mrs Z. Emerson  

Class 3 -   Mrs R. Hunter & Miss D. Clear

Class 2 - Mrs C. Dixon 

Class 1  - Miss L. Rez  & Mrs V. Irving

Reception - Miss F. Lees & Mrs D. Mills

Nursery -   Mrs J. Beadle, Mrs G. Garbett, Mrs M. Yim,  Miss J. Denton, Mrs P. Strong,  Mrs J. Shaw & Mrs K. Farrell 

Wraparound - Miss K. Schofield, Mrs S. Shackleton, Miss L. Rez, Mr B. Sutcliffe & Mrs K. Farrell


Specialist Staff

PE Coach - Mr B. Sutcliffe

School Mental Health Practitioner - Jess Hudson

Family Support - Anna Page

SALT - Charley Walker

Music Teacher - Mr D. Walters


Non- Classroom Based Staff

Administrator - Miss T. Fielden

Finance Officer - Mr D. Sutcliffe

Catering - Mr P. Ashworth, Mrs D. Ashworth, Miss K. Schofield & Mrs Z. Thresher

Lunchtime Staff - Mrs T. Heyworth, Mrs C. Howarth, Miss N. Warren, Mrs I. Marshall & Mrs E. Crossley

Site Manager— Mr M. Banks

Cleaning— Mrs T. Heyworth, Mrs H. Bugyonne, Mrs J. Beadle, Mrs S. Harris & Miss N. Warren



Curriculum Responsibilities

Mrs. Leadbitter - Monitoring of Standards, Child Protection, Child Wellbeing & Mental Health, Website, Remote Learning, Health & Safety & Pupil Premium

Mrs. Welsh  - Assessment, SENDCo, English, Staff Mental Health First Aider, TA Appraisals & ECT Tutor

Mrs. Clarke - RE, Collective Worship & Geography

Mr. Lewis - Maths & DT

Miss. Hargreaves - The Arts, Display & Family Learning

Mr. Halsall - IT, MFL & PE

Miss Borthwick - PSHE

Mrs. Garbett - EYFS Supervision, Playgroup, Breakfast Club & After School Club

Miss. Jewell - Science & History

Mrs. Jacques - EYFS Curriculum, Online Learning Journeys & EYFS Supervision

Anna Page - Medical Care Plans


No employees at this school are paid over 100K annually.