School Meals

Dinners are free to all Infants but cost only £2 per day to KS2. This will make the weekly cost £10. 

Our delicious, healthy meals are freshly made on site and are really good value for money.

We also cater for children special dietary requirements, such as vegans, vegetarians, halal and children with allergies.

We are committed to serving healthy sustainable food where possible. Our dinners meet the Food standards for school lunches. 

Our kitchen is a 5 star kitchen.

  Below are our new school menus from Sept 2023.


Healthy Lunch Boxes 

Most of our children have our healthy school dinners but for children who have packed lunches we ask that they don’t bring fizzy drinks, chocolate bars or sweets in their packed lunches. Lunch boxes are monitored by lunchtime staff.  Please can we ask that you ensure your child’s lunch is healthy and varied. Please also ensure that your child's packed lunch contains no NUTS (such as peanut butter, nutella or cereal bars).

Thank you.


Think you are entitled to free school meals? Please fill in this form and return it to our school office.


Free School Meal Form