Design & Technology

The DT curriculum has been purposefully designed to ensure the key aspects of DT such as: structures, food, mechanisms etc are taught through a spiral curriculum to ensure all children have the chance to embed and retain the key practical skills and knowledge.

Where possible there is a meaningful link to the classes’ current topic to ensure there is a real purpose for their product with an identified intended user. DT gives children the opportunity to become designers and inventors, allowing them to develop their creative skills and have a deeper understanding of how everyday products work and are designed.

 All DT topics follow the same process:

  • Investigating and evaluating similar products to deepen their understanding of the brief.
  • Focused tasks will develop their understanding of technical knowledge, for example: Investigating how to strengthen a structure to make it stable.
  • Designing their product using the knowledge they have acquired so far from the topic and following the design criteria.
  • Making their product; implementing technical skills and finishing techniques.
  • Finally, evaluating their product against their original criteria.

Parent DT Information Booklet

Please have a look below at our information booklet or pick one up at the end of the main corridor.

Have a look at some of the DT we have been doing in class...

Year Six have completed a DT project on designing, making and evaluating packaging for their bath bomb present for Christmas. They developed their design specifications through evaluating current products on the market carefully thinking about the design brief and purpose of the packaging. Pupils progressed their construction skills with wood, choosing the most appropriate joining techniques and ensuring maximum accuracy when measuring. Their bath bomb packaging was completed through printing the packaging to ensure an attractive finish. A super Christmas project year 6!

Class 5's Christmas Wreaths.