SCIENCE WEEK - we have been thinking about growth! 

First we looked at the life cycles of chickens, butterflies, frogs and plants. We decided we wanted to grow sunflowers, we then researched what plants need. We know that plants need light, water, food, time and space to grow. We then wrote instructions about ‘How to Grow a Sunflower.’ We have created our own diaries to record and observe them grow in the next few weeks. We planted our own sunflower seeds. We have them set at the window and we will water them each day. 

Fingers crossed they grow!

Our trip to the Zoo

Class Two visited Blackpool Zoo, we had the best time. It was great to see real life characters from our texts 'And Tango Makes Three' and 'Don't Hog the Hedge' come to live. Our particular favourites were the penguins, lions, giraffes, and monkeys.

The bonus were the dinosaurs who squirted us with water! What a fun day! 

In Year 2, we have been thinking about instructions. We had lots of fun making jam sandwiches with our group. We gave each other instructions on how to make the sandwich while remembering to use imperative verbs and time connectives. We took turns to give each other simple instructions. We also discussed the key features for instructional writing. The best part was we got to eat the sandwiches at the end of the lesson! Yum! 

Next, we designed and made a sandwich suitable for an explorer, the children were very keen to make their own sandwiches. The children collected the ingredients and equipment that they needed and the carefully followed the instructions until they had made the perfect sandwich. They were delicious! 

Our Woodland Hunt

We are photographers taking and selecting digital images - We have organised, retrieved, and manipulated images to create a document that shows London in the past and present. We have worked hard over the past 6 weeks to learn new skills, and to understand different programs

In Autumn 2 we will be exploring the text of 'Claude in the city'. Today (2.11.21) we introduced the story through drama. We explored and created facial expressions and thought about what the characters would be saying and thinking. Look at our amazing freeze frames, and how we recreated these characters. Sir Bobbly socks was a particular favourite!

We are researchers - ICT 

Our class topic this term is Polar Regions, so we decided to do some research on a selection of animals that live there. We are enjoying using the laptops and developing our key skills in computing. 

First, we made a list of different types of Artic and Antarctica animals - each group chose one to research.

Then we discussed the type of information we wanted to find out.

-where they live

-how they hunt, and catch their prey

-what they eat

-how long they live

-the average size and weight

an amazing fact about each of those animals

We are thinking about our current artist 'Banksy'. 

Banksy is a British graffiti-artist and political activist, active since the 1990s. Banksy chooses to remain anonymous – he does not let people know his identity. His most famous works include Balloon Girl (2002), Devolved Parliament (2009) and Mobile Lovers (2014).

This week we have been exploring patterns, observing his work, and repeating some of his complexities. We enjoyed sketching and using the oil pastels to show, colour and technique in repeated patterns. Here are some examples of us hard at work. 

Today we met Arwin the hedgehog, she was a little grumpy as she normally sleeps in the day. After a while, she became less camera shy, and showed us her pretty face. We also met Lucy who cares for over 75 hedgehogs at her home. We asked her many questions to build on our knowledge of hedgehogs, and to link in with our text 'Don't hog the hedge'. We looked at pictures of Arwin growing up and her different life stages. We were fascinated to find out that baby hedgehog are born without any prickles! Please ask us some facts, we know lots about hedgehogs!

We have been exploring the United Kingdom by finding out where the different countries are. We worked together with our partner, to locate and label. We enjoyed using maps and atlases.

Design Technology - Preparing Fruit and Vegetables Soup from British Vegetables

Today we experienced soup! We tried to guess the ingredients and learnt a bit more about where they come from. It was very delicious! We tried mushroom, carrot, vegetable, and tomato. We discussed what we liked, or disliked, in preparation of making our own after half term. 

Our Trip to The Artworks

We visited the Artworks in Halifax, and took part in a workshop, led by artist educator Puy Soden. We looked in-depth at the work of Claude Monet, with a focus on the relationship between Monet’s work and colour theory. We enjoyed looking around the gallery and looking at art by different artist and exploring their techniques. We got very messy, and it was so much fun to explore paint and learn about mixing colours.