Halloween Day Fun!

We made soup!

As part our DT topic on Preparing Fruit and Vegetables. We chopped, peeled, sliced, and grated carrots, potatoes, onions, swede, and broccoli. We had a soup party to share our success!

Marmalade Sandwiches

We have been enjoying our story on Paddington bear, we have been learning all about instructions this week in English. As Paddington bear loves marmalade sandwiches, we made them too! They were delicious!

Charlie the Crocodile signs  
Using the signs we worked in partners to compare two 2digit numbers. We used the vocabulary greater than/less than and equal to.

Landmark hunt

We enjoyed visiting the woods, and finding hidden landmarks and famous buildings in London. We had fun finding Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, The Shard, Tower of London, Tower Bridge and the National History Museum.

Paddington Instructions

We have been enjoying following and making instructions. We put the instructions in order, and made them in the order we thought.

What does a London landmark look like? 
Children explored the question through art, they selected their own landmark, and sketched using their chosen tools (pens, charcoal, ink, black fine markers, pastels). We spent the afternoon in total zen listening to music whilst we sketched away! Look at the amazing art work we produced. 

We are working hard in maths. We are using more than one representative to display our tens and ones.