Teachers: Mrs Clarke (Monday-Thursday) and Mr Ingham (Friday)

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Irving and Miss Schofield


What are we learning this term?

Place Value

Addition and Subtraction  

Multiplication and Division


 Paddington Bear

Claude in the City


A Tale of Two Cities

Science Materials


What is the good news that Jesus brings?


Preparing fruit and vegetables  

Music KS1 Singing - Thursday afternoon

Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school on these days 



Common Exception Words

As your child learns to read you might hear them talk about the 'exception words' they are learning. We explain what exception words are, what role they play in phonics learning and how you can support your child's developing reading and spelling skills at home. Exception words are words in which the English spelling code works in an unusual or uncommon way. They are not words for which phonics 'doesn't work', but they may be exceptions to spelling rules, or words which use a particular combination of letters to represent sound patterns in a rare or unique way.

Useful Links

Literacy reading numbers words game



Reading colour words game



High frequency word game



Literacy spelling game




Childrens' username and passwords are in their reading records. Please check and have a go!


25.9.19 BEAR DAY!

We enjoyed our Bear Day, we made tags for our bears. We took them on a walk to buy our ingredients. We made our jam sandwiches and had a tea party with our bears. 




We have been thinking about the street artist Banksy, and recreating his stencil work. We first created a brick wall, using real bricks as a stencil. Then made our own stencils using the some of the main features of his work.

Soup Making!

Here are some photos from our trip to Harewood House.

We had a fantastic time!