Science- Materials

We have identified and labelled materials. We then put them into groups of materials, including wood, metal, plastic, glass, brick, rock and paper. This term we are exploring what materials are made from and how they can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching.


We have been using atlases to locate the countries in the UK. We really enjoyed working together to find them on the atlas.

Art- Joan Miro

In Art we have been creating work inspired by Joan Miro. This was linked to our topic around colours. We used marble inks and primary colours to explore how colour changes colour.

Maths- greater than, less than and equal to. 

We have been comparing our numbers to a 100 using the symbols < > and =. We have been using the vocabulary greater than, less than and equal to. 

DT- Making Soup!

In Design Technology this term, class two have been looking at British fruits and vegetables. We have named a range of fruit and vegetables and where and how they grow.  We have looked into where food comes from around the world. We have prepared vegetables and made a soup. Today we enjoyed our Leek and potato soup we made. It tasted yummy!


This term we are investigating money. We have enjoyed created shops, and using different coins for the same amount. Look at us working very hard to match coins to the amounts. 

Smoothie Making
We have been making smoothies. We planned and made our own smoothies, cutting up fresh fruit and blending it. It was very yummy!

Exploring jellyfish
Today (9.5.24) we read the part of the story were the Lonely Beast 'walks through a garden of pink jellyfish'. We learned all about jellyfish. Did you know that they have tentacles, they are soft, their mouths are on their tentacles and they look and feel like jelly? We were so suprised to learn these facts! We felt the jellyfish top, (jelly) the tentacles (spaghetti), ad we looked at how they moved. We have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the jellyfish and we have used adjectives to describe the way the jellyfish look, feel and move.

Maths- Place Value 

We have been focusing on representing our numbers. This week we used tens frames to represent our numbers to 50. We counted in tens then ones.


We have been exploring London! We thought about what we can see and do in London. We then painted and described these landmarks.

Maths- Counting in 2s

We are focusing on counting in 2s and using multiples of 2. We took our shoes off in pairs, and counted them in 2s.  We had lots of fun! We had a total of 60 shoes!

Shopping and Money

Today we looked at seasonal vegetables form our local supermarket. We used our senses to investigate them. We also looked at UK coins, recognised them and placed them in order.

Goldilocks and The Three Bears Workshop 

The children had the opportunity to handle real equipment used by a police officer and discover through role play and questioning what makes an officer! We created an interactive courtroom workshop based on the popular fairy tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Children dressed up, and explored the roles in a courtroom. We thoroughly enjoyed it, and loved acting out the different roles! Poor Goldilocks was found guilty and her punishment was to clean up the leaves in the woods for four weeks!

Penguin Clay Models

Our key texts has been 'Tango Makes Three' by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell. Tango is a penguin. We have been making our own penguins out of clay.

In class 2 we have been learning to programme Bee bots! We really enjoyed giving them instructions and getting them to move across the map.


Class 2 went on a trip to learn about materials.