History Topic, Ancient Egyptians, Mummification.
Class 3 have been looking at the Ancient Egyptians and how they treated their dead. They enjoyed getting involved in the mummification process by mummifying one of the class!
Here they can be seen covering the body in natron; the body after it has been wrapped up, including a scroll from the Book of the Dead; and placing the death mask onto the body. Class 3 will be creating their own death masks soon.
History, Ancient Egypt, Mummifying a tomato.
Class 3 have been practicing their mummifying skills on tomatoes. They first scooped out the insides, washed the skins, packed them with natron, then covered them. We will see over the next few weeks if this has been successful.
Computing, We are Programmers.
Class 3 have enjoyed spending the week working on the chrome books. They have been using the online program Scratch, which allows them to use coding to create simple animations.
Everyone worked super hard designing their own backgrounds and sprites. They then learnt how to code the sprites so that they could move and talk. Some even managed to change backgrounds and make the sprites look like they were actually moving.
 History, Ancient Egyptians, Archaeological dig for clues.
Class 3 loved pretending to be archaeologists for the day, when they had to use brushes to carefully dig through sand to find clues. They then needed to piece these clues together to find a mysterious message. Finally they used hieroglyphics to decode the message.
Science, Forces, Magnetism.
Class 3 have been looking at the effects of magnetism, they have explored a range of different magnets and wanted to know which was the strongest. They tested this out by seeing how long a paper clip chain each magnet could support before the chain collapsed.
Science, Forces, Slowing down Gravity.
Class 3 were set the challenge, could they slow down gravity? Each group was given a ball, paper, sellotape and other materials. After brainstorming ideas on what they could do, each team set about creating their contraption. Most teams were successful in slowing down the effects of gravity - well done!